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Thuy Lam

Director, Fitness Instructor, Masseuse

Fluid Movement

I was made in Saigon, Vietnam in the immediate aftermath of the war, then assembled in northern Virginia by my parents along with 3 brothers.

At the awkward and self deprecating age of 14, I auditioned for the high school dance team and was surprisingly awarded the honorable spot of 3rd captain. After 4 years, many competitions, performances, and a few trophies, I continued to pursue dance and dance theory classes at Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, Va with Eugene Roscoe from Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater while earning a BA in Literature and Film Theory.

In 1998, to satisfy my craving for movement, I began working as a Ballroom Dance instructor at "The Dance Factory" in Arlington, VA, teaching and competing in American style Smooth, Rhythm and Latin dances. In 2000, I was introduced to Argentine Tango by my dance partner Sergey Shuliko and a friend, Murat Erdemsal. 3 years later, I was invited to assist and perform with the powerfully talented and renowned Sharna Fabiano . In 2004, the extraordinarily innovative Tango community of ProvidenceTango in Rhode Island, invited me to join it's staff, where I acquired another 3 years of experience as an event organizer, performer, community builder and Tango instructor.

Also in 2000, after sustaining a knee injury that threatened to end my dance career, I sought ways to rehabilitate my situation in an attempt to avoid surgery. My search led me to Pilates then Yoga. I studied and practiced Pilates under Mark Trudeau at Quantum Pilates and Yoga under Margaret Townsend at Georgetown Yoga Center and Joy of Motion in Washington, DC. I also studied at the Ashtanga Yoga Center, also in DC, before realizing that these methods work not only to improve one's physical appearance but also quality of life. I then worked to gain certifications so I could help and train others to meet their personal goals.

Currently based in BsAs, I offer one of the few Ashtanga classes in the city to an evergrowing group of expats, portenas, and tourits. I also offer private fitness classes and relaxation services. And have recently earned my teaching certificate in Pole Fitness.

When not exercising or training, I offer dinners and cooking classes through my closed door Vietnamese restaurant, A Little Saigon.

I live with my husband, Ben Bogart, a graduate of the Berklee School of Music in Boston and a professional musician. Ben was once one of the most sought after Tango DJs in the US and is the inventor of the TangoJam. Having temporarily hung up his tango shoes, Ben is intensively studying Bandondeon. He has recentely graduated from the Orchesta Escuela de Tango under the direction of Nestor Marconi. And has had the great privilege of studying intensively under Maestro Marconi, as well as Rudolfo Mederos and the late Carlos Lassiri.

For more information about Ben Bogart, please visit www.benbogart.com or email Ben@benbogart.com